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Using a wholistic approach to wellness join Deborah for an experience that will change your life!
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Deborah’s students and clients share that she has been integral in supporting their journey of transformation. She is here to help you feel better, live better and accomplish your dreams and goals.

Deborah's vision for the future is to offer these courses to a greater audience by offering a learning and practice platform that is easy to access and can become an evolutionary approach to health and happiness.

Deborah Carruthers BA, BSW, MA offers her life's work with authenticity, compassion and lived experience. With a graduate degree in Psychology, she brings the skills to meet people where they are at, to develop and meet goals and transitions in life. For the last fourteen years, she has studied and taught yoga and travelled to India to connect with the deep wisdom embedded in the philosophy of the ancients.

Deborah will weave together current, evidenced research with the teachings of Ayurveda to help you achieve radiant health and well-being. The offering includes individual work, online groups and education programs.
Deborah Carruthers BA, BSW, MA